Offering a full range of proven coatings and technical service,Huisins helps you reduce fuel bills, extend maintenance cycles and cut drydock expenses.

Huisins offers both high quality products and trusted technical and application advice. Whether you need coatings for newbuilding or maintenance  , our products will keep your vessel in prime condition for longer, from the underwater hull to the cargo tanks and ballast tanks.

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Industrial paint has two purposes Firstly, it provides a protective coating for the substrate againstchemical and physical attack. Secondly it gives the product a pleasing appearance and this increases its value.

Huisins coatings are widely used in marine engineering, petrochemicals, storage tanks, steel structures, wind power, etc.we provide customers with expert technical service and support to ensure every coating meets their specific needs.

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Huisins has a wide range of coating products to meet offshore platform anti-corrosion applications, such as: zinc-rich primers, general-purpose epoxy primers and durable finishes.

Our products are designed to withstand aggressive environments to protect structural steel components used in offshore platforms, structures, Ports and Harbours.

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Huisins Waterborne architectural coatings include paints,and specialty coatings for building and construction applications (floors, roofs, walkways, etc.). They are designed to provide a protective and/or decorative layer on the surface of an architectural feature or fixture in both indoor and outdoor applications.

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