Waterborne zinc rich ship paint-heavy-duty paint

Refined by designed via chemical modification of an inorganic material with the addition of an ideal proportion of zinc powder. It is a heavy-duty anti-corrosion coating used for metallic materials such as container, ships, bridges, towers, and pipelines. It goes through electrochemical protection by taking zinc as the sacrificial anode (hot-dip zinc). This primer is excellent in aspects of anti-corrosion, weather resistance, solvent resistance, temperature resistance; it is non-toxic, non-odorous and contains minimal VOC, which qualifies this product to be labeled as a "long-lasting anti-corrosion coating"

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  • Dipping, brushing, or spraying paint, stirred uniformly before use, if the viscosity is high, diluted with proper water, do not add water more than 10%,and stirred uniformly; When be one coat paint, the surface of being painted should be cleaned away oil spots, dust and rust. The film can dry itself or be dried at low temperature. If dries itself, the minimum temperature is not below 10℃, and the value of humidity is under 70%.If it is dried, the leveling time is above 15 minutes at room temperature, minimum 25 minutes at 60℃; Do not mix with other products or organic solvents. Wash all tools with water immediately after painting to avoid hardening. The remaining paint should be sealed, if dry skin, affect the use, filter with 100 mesh screen before use.
  • Hazard statements/Irritating to eyes, may cause skin allergy. Preventive Action/Avoid breathing dust, fumes, gas, smoke, steam, spray. Wear protective equipment in use, wash hands and other contact parts after the operation. Prohibit discharging into the environment .Incident Response/In the case of contacting with skin (hair):Wash immediately with plenty of soap and water. In case of contact with eyes ,rinse immediately with plenty of water and seek medical aid. If skin irritation or rash occurs :a doctor.Safe storage/Avoid direct sunlight. Stored in a well-ventilated place and keep the container tightly sealed. Separate from acids, alkalis, strong oxidants, food and animal .Waste disposal/Dispose of any paint waste in accordance with the appropriate local Environmental Regulations (please refer to product safety data sheet before use).