Epoxy Finish Marine Spray Paint Multicolor Marine Grade Spray Paint

Product Description

  1. A two pack epoxy finish
  2. VOC less than 400g/L

Intended Uses

  1. A tough cosmetic finish
  2. For use in all above water areas
  3. For use at Newbuilding-or Maintenance and Repair or on board maintenance.
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  • Product Information

    1. Volume Solids  53%±2%
    2. Finish/Sheen   semi-gloss
    3. Typical Film Thickness  40 microns dry ( 75 microns wet)
    4. Theoretical Coverage :13.3㎡/lat typical film thickness
    5. Mix Ratio:2:3:1(Volume) 4:1(mass)
    6. Method of Application

    Airless Spray   Tip size range   0.38-0.53mm

                  Output pressure ≥17mpa

    Brush/Roller   For small area only

    1. Thinner : Not recommended. Use water only in exceptional circumstances(Max5% by volume)
    2. Induction Period         10°C             25°C            35°C

                           30min             20min            10min

    1. Drying Information       10°C           25°C           35°C

                     Touch Dry        6H              2H             1H

                       Hard  Dry       48H             20H            16H            

                         Pot Life         6H              4H             2H

    Overcoatings Data :  Substrate Temperature

    Overcoated  By           5°C           15°C            25°C               35°C

                                     Min Max       Min Max      Min Max       Min Max

                                    24H no         20H no       12H no         8H no

    1. Storage :Store in cool and dry conditions, Well ventilate. Keep away from hot and fire.

    Shelf Life: 12Months minimum at 25°C.Subject to re-inspection thereafter.

    1. Pack Size :Park A 24KG/13.5L in 20L container

            Park B 6KG/6.5L in 9.25L container.

    1. Flash Point:  Park A greater than 31°C

                Park B greater than 29°C

                   Mixed paint greater than 31°C

    1. Apply in good weather. Temperature of the surface to be coated must be least 3°C above the dew point when the is lower than 85%
    2. In common with all epoxy base coatings, this product will exhibit chalking of the film on UV exposure.
    3. The dry time and over coating interval may change according to the environment factors.
    4. Avoiding absorb the solvent steam and paint steam for long time. Skin and eyes must avoid contacting the paint. Pay attention to ventilate and fireproof when applying.
  • Hazard statements/Irritating to eyes, may cause skin allergy. Preventive Action/Avoid breathing dust, fumes, gas, smoke, steam, spray. Wear protective equipment in use, wash hands and other contact parts after the operation. Prohibit discharging into the environment .Incident Response/In the case of contacting with skin (hair):Wash immediately with plenty of soap and water. In case of contact with eyes ,rinse immediately with plenty of water and seek medical aid. If skin irritation or rash occurs :a doctor.Safe storage/Avoid direct sunlight. Stored in a well-ventilated place and keep the container tightly sealed. Separate from acids, alkalis, strong oxidants, food and animal .Waste disposal/Dispose of any paint waste in accordance with the appropriate local Environmental Regulations (please refer to product safety data sheet before use).