Offering a full range of proven coatings and technical service,Huisins helps you reduce fuel bills, extend maintenance cycles and cut drydock expenses.

Huisins offers both high quality products and trusted technical and application advice. Whether you need coatings for newbuilding or maintenance  , our products will keep your vessel in prime condition for longer, from the underwater hull to the cargo tanks and ballast tanks.

Shop Primer

Since ship manufacturing process is long and manufacturing operations are done in the open water, often in humid regions with extremely severe corrosion, Shop Primer is applied on steel sheets to protect them against corrosion until final painting.This primer can keep sheets from being rusted, In addition, during welding operation does not cause a problem related to weld quality.         

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Topside Boat Paint

A Boat deck need protecting as it needs to withstand challenging conditions from foot traffic, anchors, harsh weather and more.
Improving your boat deck with a durable, non slip deck paint that protects it from the harsh marine environment is highly recommended. The paint is available in a range of colors and finishes to suit your requirements.

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Marine Bottom Paint

Prevent fouling organisms such as weeds and slime from building up on your hull and causing drag by using our excellent antifouling products. Our company offer fouling control solutions from fishing boat to the cargo carrier.

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Cargo Hold Paint

Your cargo holds are subject to extremely harsh conditions. Loading and unloading cargo causes abrasion, impact and mechanical damage.In addition, certain cargos expose your cargo holds to high temperatures and harsh chemicals, which can damage and weaken the steel.
In these tough environments, you need a protective coating you can trust. Our coatings maximise service life and lower maintenance cost.

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Ballast Tanks

The ballast tanks are the largest area of structural steel on your vessel, and the water inside can be highly corrosive . Our company coating to protect them corrosion – and ensure the continued operational safety and efficiency of your vessel.

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Oil Tanks

725-Y53-01 can provide temporarily protection for oil tanks and can be dissolved in oils, but it shows no negative effect on quality of oils and blocking of the pipes or oil pump nozzles.

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Potable Water Tanks

All vessels have potable water tanks.the basic requirements are the same:provide clean and fresh drinking water for the crew. Therefore, the drinking water tank paint coating to get the health sector certification is required to protect against corrosion compartments and keep drinking water clean.

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Marine Deck Paint

A tough, slip resistant deck paint that protects the surface from every day wear and tear. It’s easy to apply, comes in a range of colours and its low sheen finish helps prevent sunlight from reflecting off decks.

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