Industrial paint has two purposes Firstly, it provides a protective coating for the substrate againstchemical and physical attack. Secondly it gives the product a pleasing appearance and this increases its value.

Huisins coatings are widely used in marine engineering, petrochemicals, storage tanks, steel structures, wind power, etc.we provide customers with expert technical service and support to ensure every coating meets their specific needs.

Power Generation

Whether you work in coal, gas, wind, we offer total protective solutions.Our comprehensive assortment of coatings for the power generation industry includes advanced  systems to combat corrosion in harsh onshore and offshore environments, as well high temperature corrosion prevention systems and internal linings.

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Our company is dedicated to the development, manufacture and supply of coatings,including zinc-rich primers, general-purpose epoxy primers and durable topcoats to meet the needs of the oil, gas and chemical processing industries.
Our vast knowledge and experience of this field allows us to offer comprehensive protective coatings range.

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From the bridges to paper mill, sports stadia, cargo terminals and various steel structures.our products protect places of work and essential infrastructure from the corrosive forces of nature – to help make our world more beautiful.

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