High elastic flexible waterproof slurry

Product Introduce
High elastic flexible waterproof slurry is a kind of two-component polymer-modified cement-based waterproof slurry, The product consists of imported acrylic polymer emulsion additive and high quality cement, graded aggregate and selection of additives with powder.The organic emulsion and inorganic powder chemically react with each other, one elastic waterproofing membrane is generated.
Product Feature
1. Water-based macromolecular material, not contain any organic solvent and environment friendly.
2. Has high elasticity, flexibility, elongation, water resistance, anti-crack and good weathering resistance properties.
3. With short curing time, cold-application, easy application, not limited by substrate water ratio and thus shorten the work period.
4. Has air permeability, strongly bond to cement mortar screed and tiling adhesive.

Application Range
1. Waterproofing for roof, wall, kitchen, washroom, bathroom, balcony windows of the new and old buildings.
2. Waterproofing for basements, swimming pool and water tanks.
Construction Attention
1. The other structure can be installed onto the top of waterproofing layer only after the waterproofing coating become completely cured.
2. Application temperature must be over 0 degree centigrade, not to proceed with application work in rainy days or on the substrate with pond water.
3. The product is alkaline, if enter into eyes, immediately clean away it with water.
Storage and Transportation
1. The product is noncombustible and not explosive, can be transported same as general cargos, during the transportation process, must be protected from sunshine, freeze, rain, being squeezed and knocked to keep the package intact.
2. The product must be stored under ventilated, dry condition, and away from direct sunshine, the storage temperature is 5 degree centigrade~35 degree centigrade.
3. The shelf life: 12 months

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