Nano penetration waterproofing coating

Product features: The product adopts imported high quality materials research and development of a new generation of multipurpose nano penetration (stealth) waterproofing agent, colorless, non-toxic, without excitant odour, not burning, not burst, the permeability resistance is strong, can improve the cement four times, can improve the service life of more than six times totally conform to the requirements of the healthy environmental protection; Main ingredients is methyl silicate, have waterproof, seepage control, moisture, rust resistance, anti-aging, anti-pollution, infiltration water dripping on top like dew falls on the lotus leaf into a phenomenon, the waterproof performance stability, high and low temperature resistance, ageing resistance, uv resistance, acid and alkali resistant and therefore is widely used in all kinds of insulation materials as in the field of hydrophobic waterproof coating.
Application Range
Exterior wall crack water seepage, bathroom, kitchen wall ceramic tile ceramic tile surface crack water seepage, balcony, Windows, walls ooze water on the surface of the ceramic tile, ceramic surface, the surface of the concrete, cement mortar, Mosaic, wood, plaster, marble products has a good waterproof, moistureproof, mouldproof, colorless, non-toxic, no smell.

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