Indoor waterproofing slurry

Waterproofing product specially designed for kitchen and
bathroom decoration .sanik slurry used with bonding agent reacts with concrete by a crystallization process,which penetrates and fills the pores and capillaries to block the passage of water.
*East to use,just mix before use.
*A practical and ideal product for waterproofing in damp condition ,but without pooling.
*Protect against hydraulic pressure,can be used for positive or negative waterproofing.
*Bridging hairline cracks and slight vibration of structure .
*Good anti-abrasive and compatible with most tile adhesives.
*Kitchen, bathroom, toilet of concrete,precast concrete,brick,light brick structure.
*Slab,ceiling,floor and balcony.
*portable water tank,swimming pool,garden fish pool and flower bed.
*Weather barrier coating for the wood floor and wood decoration sheathing.As a thick one-component water based paint,it is based on imported acrylic self-crosslinking special elastic emulsion and refined from high-quality pigments as well as a variety of additives. This product is specially designed to achieve excellent weather resistance and UV protection. It has good tenacity without cracking even at low temperature. The self-crosslinking characteristic of the emulsion ensures the coating have high reflectance and decoration for a long time

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