Exterior wall waterborne paint 4

Selecting imported functional emulsion, high-quality pigment and additives, with the new generation of formulations,the introduction of the hydrophobic factor functional groups and so on,it's filled with the most advanced fully-automatic assembly line .

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  • 1、Excellent weather-ability, lasting colour retention;
    2、Introducing hydrophobic material,super stain resistant and self-cleaning properties;
    3、Excellent scrubbing resistance;
    4、With highly hard fillers, more dense and flat film;
    5、No benzene compounds, heavy metals.

  • Construction tool: Brush、Roller、Spray gun; a suggestion of using wool brush,short-haired roller,high-pressure airless spray gun.
    Paint Coverage:10-12sq.m./Kg/single pass(30microns DFT).Paint consumption varies according to the surface condition of application and proportion of dilution.
    Paint mixing:Mixed uniformity to improve ease of application,must not exceed 20% by using clean water.If using non-gas spray,no more than 10%.
    Substrate treatment:Surface should be clean,dry and stable,moisture <10%,pH<10.Remove unstable old film by high pressure wash or scraper,whichever is appropriate, and then sandpapering.
    Application Condition:The temperature at 5-35℃,relative moisture greater less than 85%.
    Full/Curing Time(30microns DFT at 25-30℃) :
    ●Surface Dry: 30min ●Hard Dry: 60min ●Recoating: interval at least 2h
    Cleanout:Clean all the tools with water timely when stopping paint on its way or completing the coating process.
    The film will get better with the recommendations that using the Chenyang almighty paint partner putty or Chenyang special exterior wall putty,Chenyang special exterior alkali resisting primer,Chenyang exterior finishing paint.
    Storage and Shelf life:Store in a tightly sealed container,cool and dry place at 5-35℃,12 months.

  • Hazard statements/Irritating to eyes, may cause skin allergy. Preventive Action/Avoid breathing dust, fumes, gas, smoke, steam, spray. Wear protective equipment in use, wash hands and other contact parts after the operation. Prohibit discharging into the environment .Incident Response/In the case of contacting with skin (hair):Wash immediately with plenty of soap and water. In case of contact with eyes ,rinse immediately with plenty of water and seek medical aid. If skin irritation or rash occurs :a doctor.Safe storage/Avoid direct sunlight. Stored in a well-ventilated place and keep the container tightly sealed. Separate from acids, alkalis, strong oxidants, food and animal .Waste disposal/Dispose of any paint waste in accordance with the appropriate local Environmental Regulations (please refer to product safety data sheet before use).