● 27000DWT Double Side Bulk Carrier

     ● South China Sea Fisheries Resources And Environmental Science Survey Ship

     ● 4000HP Full swing Oil Work Boat

     ● 82,000 Tons Of Bulk Carrier

     ● Special Cutter Suction Dredger For Yangtze Estuary

     ● Luxury River Cruise "Huang Jing No. 6"

     ● China sea police business ship


  Anti-corrosion and anti-fouling ship supporting system        Anti-corrosion ship supporting system for 2000 cubic dredger

     for large aluminum alloy wave-piercing catamaran                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                


 Anti-corrosion and anti-pollution ship supporting system      Anti-corrosion Coatings for China sea police business ship

  for the South China Sea Fishery Resources Survey Ship


 Anti-corrosion and anti-fouling ship supporting         Anti-corrosion and anti-fouling ship supporting system for Roro vessel

system for 4000 horsepower oil field working ship

     ● Tidal range zone of steel pile at raw material wharf of Shanghai Baosteel General Plant  

     ● Tidal range zone of steel piles at Shenzhen Yantian Wharf

     ● Tidal range zone of steel piles at Huangdao Wharf in Qingdao

     ● Tidal range zone of steel piles at Tianjin Wharf in Nanjiang

     ● Guangdong Lufengjie Petroleum Terminal

     ● Shanghai Gaoqiao Chemical Works Wharf

     ●Tidal range area of drilling platform in Western South China Sea oilfield, Guangdong Province

     ● Tidal range zone of steel piles at Liaoning Panjin Wharf

     ● Tidal range zone of coal terminal at Shanghai Shidongkou Power Plant

     ● Coal Terminal of Shanghai Shidongkou Huaneng Power Plant

     ● Underwater steel pile of Taiwan Kaohsiung Wharf

     ● Baosteel Majishan Wharf

     ● Steel Pile of Fujian Dongshan Wharf

     ● Steel Piles of Gwadar Port Pier, Pakistan

     ● No.2 berth Wharf at Yantian West Port Area


 Heavy-duty anti-corrosion coating and polyurethane                                    Hainan Yangpu Petrochemical Terminal

    topcoat for Zhanjiang Port Terminal